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Token Editions is a digital art gallery led by a team of creatives and artists from New York, Paris, and Los Angeles, bonded through a deep passion for art and digital culture. We have been fervent advocates of digital art for over a decade through our previous projects in common. The moment has come to fuel the long-awaited revolution in digital art brought about by blockchain technology.

Digital art can now truly be collected in its original and intended format, with unprecedented confidence through NFT smart contracts. We are at the dawn of a new art renaissance led by digital native artists, drawing the attention of new art collectors every day.

We bring you an artist-focused, digital art gallery, thoughtfully crafted for selling and collecting unique digital artworks as NFTs. We curate top-tier artists and emerging talents from around the world to release exclusive collections every week. Our long-term vision is to build a welcoming ecosystem where artists can connect with their collectors, and for collectors to safely invest in their favorite artists.

All transactions on Token Editions happen on-chain, allowing collectors to securely purchase a digital artwork directly from the artist. And, by virtue of this new technology, artists can now receive royalties for secondary sales of their artworks - forever. We’re breaking down paradigms of old systems to make room for the new.

Our mobile website is coming soon!

For the best viewing experience, please visit our gallery from your desktop or laptop, or expand your browser window.