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by Adam Martinakis

A series of 3D paintings created with a new technique I developed over the past months. In each, shadows and refractive lights flow gracefully through translucent figures, representing our inner lives beyond what is visible to the eye: personalities, relationships, erotic feelings, changing emotions,.... Opinions and analysis removed, our universal identity is revealed.

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Anatomy of Reality

Adam Martinakis
Adam Martinakis

Adam Martinakis is a graphic designer and 3D visual artist based in Crete. A childhood talent for the arts, especially for painting, led him to study Interior Architecture and Decorative Arts & Design, after which he began a decade-long career as an interior designer. In 2000, Adam began experimenting with digital media, ultimately shifting the focus of his career to 3D architectural projects and later to his own creations. He now works full-time as an independent artist primarily in Greece, but also in Poland and the UK. In his art, Adam often uses symbols and creates environments that represent existential and philosophical questions about life and our place in the universe. “Art is a tool to understand this world and to understand others”. Adam’s art has been featured in numerous international expositions and festivals. He is also a member of the Greek Chamber of Fine Arts. Learn more about Adam in his Artist Portrait.

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