Blue Night
Blue Night
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Blue Night
by Shorsh

A calm space in the middle of silence. Somewhere to find myself, here, now and forever.


1/1 Edition. HD Animated loop. Visuals and original soundtrack by Shorsh.

Part of NFT drop:

Distant Dreamers


Jorge Luis Miraldo - aka. Shorsh - is a 3D Illustrator and art director from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Shorsh began creating art (drawing, coloring, watercolors, photography and making collages) in his early years as a child. He fell in love with the process of creation and made it a point to turn these fun experiences into a living. After working in advertising and design agencies for almost a decade, he pursued his dream of becoming a full time artist. Since 2015 - working from his own studio and simultaneously exploring the world of 3D design - he’s worked with global brands like Sony Music, Universal Music Group and Penguin Random House, and many other independent record labels and artists from USA, Canada and Europe. Shorsh has sold out multiple NFT collections, received numerous awards for his art, including an honorable mention from 3x3 Magazine, and, unique to this series on Token Editions, he also produced all of the sound design and original soundtracks for each artwork. Meet Shorsh and learn more about his creative process in his Artist Portrait.

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