Hidden In Time
Frank Moth
Hidden In Time
Drop started on
August 05
5:00PM UTC

Token Editions proudly welcomes the creative duo Frank Moth and their new NFT art drop “Hidden in Time”, a stunning collection that demonstrates their mastery of digital collage and their passion for exploring universal human concepts and emotions through art. At the center of each artwork is a portrait from a classical painting, decorated with heavy botanicals and gold elements to express a distinct and timeless human feeling or quality: Anticipation, Wisdom, Forbearance….

“Ever since we began, our work has evolved around humans. In this series we wanted to convey the effect of time on man as well as the impact of the physical environment where people are integrated in. The main elements include parts of portraits from classic paintings in combination with heavy/thick botanicals. We added small graphic elements that show luxury and elegance, like golden jewels, precious diamonds and gold trimmings. This shows that these classical portraits, centuries later, still remain timeless and relevant. In a figurative sense, we wanted to symbolize the stoicism and patience of man throughout history, independent of the circumstances, which can be compared to the difficulties of our present times. In this series, we present 5 instances/results of time on the human psyche.” - Frank Moth

Frank Moth
Frank Moth

Frank Moth is the digital collage and graphic artist duo Eleftherios and Marianna. Through colorful, surreal floral portraits and futuristic retro compositions, they explore universal concepts of love, humility, truth, nostalgia and forgiveness. Based in Veria, Greece, the pair have been creating art for over 15 years, but it was in 2014 that they decided to escape the ephemeral present to go to what they characterize as a nostalgic “past-future” under the alias Frank Moth. Distinctive color palettes, florals, and surreal retro elements give Frank Moth’s digital collages their highly acclaimed and recognizable style, leading them to collaborations with global brands including The New York Times and Adobe, as well as to numerous features in publications including Colossal, Huffington Post and Contemporary Art Curator Magazine. Learn more about Frank Moth in their Artist Portrait.

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