White Rhino
White Rhino
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White Rhino
by Ninesidedshape

Moonloops highlights the creative paths that Earth’s only natural satellite takes to descend from space. While the sun reclaims its reign in the sky, the moon rests and recharges its light, creating the eternal cosmological dance of day to night, and night to day.


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Ninesidedshape, aka Karl Larsson, is a 3D digital artist and photographer based in Stockholm. For the past 20 years, Karl has worked as a photographer in the editorial and advertising industries, traveling to capture some of the world’s most beautiful landscapes and wildlife scenes for feature magazines. In February 2020, the Covid pandemic led to confinement, and all travel plans and studio shootings were canceled. Suddenly unable to explore the world through the lens of his camera, Karl decided to create new worlds using digital art. Under the alias Ninesidedshape on Instagram, he began to publish pastel pink and sky blue interiors, dotted with surreal details, such as cotton candy-like clouds and the occasional rhinoceros in swimwear. Karl’s dreamscapes quickly grew in popularity, leading to numerous features on digital art, architecture and design sites, as well as to his participation in digital art expositions and NFT festivals in Sweden and abroad.

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