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Pixel Skull Art Collective
Pixel Skull x Token Editions
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October 03
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Token Editions proudly presents Pixel Skull Art Collective: a team of art enthusiasts with a mission to liberate the elite art market, creating a bridge between artists and collectors. We invited 6 of their talented artists to create an artwork that features the Pixel Skull logo, and above all, reflects their personal style. The lineup: Alice Lee, Die Goldene Inge, Pavla Zabranska, Philippe Intraligi, Ray Horacek and Simone Brillarelli. Meet each artist and learn more about their artworks in our special Editorial feature.

Alice Lee is a visual artist who was born in Taiwan where she lived until she moved to the United States as a teenager. Her childhood memories from Taiwan and her experiences in the USA enrich her creativity and serve as inspiration for her art and other works. Some of Alice’s primary creation themes include physical and mental challenges, elements of popular culture, and her love of food.

Die Goldene Inge is an NFT artist and photographer based in Germany. Upon entering the NFT space, she set out to give even greater color spectrums to her photographs, and then turn them into short videos with multiple layers and a minimum of 37 individual images. The result is “Saturation Supernova”, the interplanetary space where her Saturation SuperCrew resides. A goal of this collection is to create a space for like-minded individuals standing for equality, diversity & fellowship.

Pavla Zábranská is an artist and graphic designer from Prague. She studied graphic design at the Royal Academy of Arts in Den Haag in the Netherlands as well as at the Academy of Art, Architecture and Design in Prague. Pavla’s graphic works are highly influenced by music due to her earlier organ training at the Prague Conservatory, and she often composes music to incorporate in her graphic and fine arts projects. She’s worked for Studio Hort in Berlin and for Czech television, and her diverse projects have been exhibited globally.

Philippe Intraligi has 20 years experience working with global Fortune 500 companies like Nike, Audi, Pepsi Co., IBM, Adidas originals, MTV Brazil, Johnson & Johnson, VW, FIFA, and many more. His expertise runs from advertising, sportswear, branding, fashion to international markets. He considers himself very fortunate to work with amazing professionals all over the globe, giving him the opportunities to live in Italy, Brazil, China, Germany & the United States. He is currently living and working in NYC.

Ray Horacek studied Fine Arts & Industrial Design at the Rhode Island School of Design in Providence, RI, and at 'The Strate School of Design' in Paris. In 2002 he immigrated to Tokyo, and he is currently a member of the Koganecho Artist in Residency program in Yokohama. Focusing largely on portraiture, figurative, and abstraction, he employs a wide range of mediums in his explorations - from drawings, paintings, etchings, and screen prints to photography and digital projects and installations.

Simone Brillarelli is a visual artist, film director, and a 2d animator who creates videos for companies in the fields of advertising, communications, and music. Originally from Florence, Simone works and lives between Milan and Rome. His artwork is based on a mix of rotoscope and traditional animation, where layers of big brushes, oils and crayons, cut-out shapes, and handwriting all add complexity and a new way to read our reality.

Pixel Skull Art Collective
Pixel Skull Art Collective

We believe in the power of art, celebrating all forms of creative expression, breaking down social norms, connecting people from different backgrounds, beliefs, cultures, and minds.

Through the art experience, each and everybody has the chance to communicate, share their views, thoughts, learn, start a conversation and connect to one another.

The Pixel Skull Art Collective invites artists and collectors to experience a collective journey through art — exploring the new depth of the metaverse through NFTs and VR exhibitions, digital fashion & performances, and in the physical/analog world in the form of exhibitions, events and speaker series — together!