Flow Like a River
Flow Like a River
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1/10.4 ETHPaul Yann
Flow Like a River
by Forgetmat

Next to the iconic LA river, and under the bright Californian sun, Forgetmat plays with his surroundings to create the perfect shadow.

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Forgetmat (Mathieu Forget) is a French photographer, dancer, and producer. Also known as “The Flying Man” on Instagram (220k followers) and TikTok (840k followers), his photos and videos, shot in some of the world’s most iconic cities and locations, have been viewed millions of times by fans worldwide. Forgetmat has collaborated with global luxury brands like Gucci, Lacoste and Tag Heuer, and he’s danced alongside some of the biggest names in music, like Taylor Swift. Meet Forgetmat and learn how he turned jumping into an art form in his dedicated Artist Portrait.

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