TokenEditions presents our first collective exhibition, "Colllective Drop 01", proudly featuring 6 talented artists: Apachennov, Druc89, Guille Llano, Jthree Concepts, Oguz Dogru, and Rus Khasanov. Get to know each artist and discover the inspiration behind their artworks below.



Evgenij Soloviev is a digital graphic designer, illustrator and animation artist based in Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia. He says his art is about reality verging on the impossible. Evgenij says viewers may see loneliness or sadness in his works, but these feelings aren’t there. Instead, he insists that people must find themselves within his artworks, or extract their own narrative. The key is that the viewer must think, not just observe, because his artworks are equally physiologic as they are aesthetic.


Completely self-taught, Evgenij began creating in 2006 using primarily Photoshop and Corel Painter. Since then, he has also added Cinema 4d to his toolbox, a compliment that helps him to keep his photos as realistic as possible. Evgenij currently works for diverse media agencies and magazines, such as Wired. One noteworthy project is the creation of the cover “Night Visions”, an album by the American indie-rock band Imagine Dragons. Eugene's most current piece, “Silence Canyons” is inspired by fractals, math and abstract shapes and was created using Mandelbulb 3D and C4D Octane.

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Diego Rueda, aka Druc89, is an industrial designer & self-taught 3D and concept artist based in México City. Using 2D and 3D softwares, Diego says he likes to experiment with human introspection in an aesthetic way. Robotic and sci-fi inspired beings are often the focal point of his artworks, each interacting with their equally fascinating, surreal surroundings. 


Diego’s “Daydream” is inspired by how humans have the possibility to escape reality in order to feel safe in their own world of thoughts. It was created primarily using Cinema 4D.

Guille Llano is a 3D and motion designer based in Madrid. In 2007 he studied Technical Architecture at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, UPM. It was during his studies that he discovered a passion for the worlds of Advertising, Audiovisual Realization and Design. Guille therefore began to acquire knowledge in these fields, both on his own and in various schools, including Trazos school in Madrid, where he earned a masters in Motion Graphics. Today Guille works as a freelance designer in collaboration with studios around the world. 


Keep on Rolling” was born from Guille's obsession with loop animations. He says, “Infinite actions will be repeated once and then again and again. So for this work I decided to generate an infinite path where a ball avoids different obstacles again and again. I think it can be a metaphor for life: Life is an obstacle course, so keep on rolling baby!”
collective dropJTHREE CONCEPTS - "THE NEW GODS (IN 12 FRAMES) #4"

Jthree Concepts is a Portland-based design studio owned and operated by Jared K Nickerson. The studio's main focus is product, character, branding, videogame, editorial, and textile design.  They also specialize in art direction and branding. Their client list includes Nike, Adidas, Coca-cola, Blizzard Entertainment, Valve, Microsoft, and Nintendo to name a few. 


The New Gods (in 12 frames) #4” features JThree Concepts talent character and brand design, all the while calling attention to the important and growing problem of mindless consumerism in the modern age. It was created using Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Premiere Pro.collective dropOGUZ DOGRU - "ME & MY OTHERS"

Oguz is a 3D Surreal Art and Character Designer currently based in the UK. In 2018, Oguz won the European Union Young Talents Competition and has participated in many group and solo exhibitions around the world since. For the past 2 years he has been creating NFTs that feature his unique characters in stunning surreal environments. In parallel to his personal work, Oguz creates designs for international brands, such as Samsung and Interscope Records, and is also a student of psychology education at the University of Bristol. 


Me & My Others” is inspired by people and psychology, especially the big names in the field of Psychology whose works Oguz is currently reading for his studies. 

Ruslan Khasanov is an abstract photographer, videographer and mixed media artist based in Russia. Experimentation and improvisation play a key role in Rus’ creative process, allowing him to reveal beauty hidden within everyday objects. Equipped with his camera, he captures the interactions of paints and liquids on reflective surfaces, like shiny CDs. Rus’ work has been featured globally in various expos from San Francisco to South Korea. He’s also collaborated with top tech and lifestyle brands such as Adobe, MAC, Samsung and GQ. 

For Rus, art is not only a way to express his emotions, but also a way to bridge the gap between science and design. “EYES - Neon Cocktail” is inspired by Pareidolia: If you look at abstract graphics, you can see different images in them, and sometimes you can see the image looking back at you. Rus’ driving motto is “Beauty is Everywhere”. 
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TokenEditions' Collective Drops feature artworks created by today’s most talented and rising digital artists. Each artist is selected by our curators to create an artwork that exemplifies above all their talent, personal style, and creative inspirations. For some drops, no theme is imposed. For others, artists come together to create a collection that focuses on a specific style, event, or creation technique. No two Collective Drops are the same!