TokenEditions proudly welcomes Eugene Golovanchuk, also known as Skeeva, and his new NFT art drop “COLLΞCTORS”, a series that takes us across Web3 and into the universe - and the psyche - of 5 surreal NFT art collectors. Dressed in stunning digital fashion and surrounded by symbols of Ether, each reveals their strategies for collecting precious gems.

Eugene Golovanchuk is a 3D digital artist and art director based in Kyiv, Ukraine. His career began in 2016 with an interest in 3D creation. He soon embarked on a self-challenging series of projects titled “Everyday Art”, where every day he created a new work, primarily exploring cyberpunk and dark-art surrealism themes. Before creating art, Eugene pursued many other career paths, such as acting, filmmaking, and scriptwriting for comedy shows. Eugene tells us, however,  that when he discovered digital art something clicked. With no formal education or background in art, Eugene gives credit to his intuition for leading him to create his first work and to his current life as a professional artist.  “Making art gave me true mind freedom and full control of my life,” says Eugene, “that's why I'm so grateful for art.”

Over the past 8 years, Eugene has released a number of collections that exemplify his evolution in 3D asset and concept design and his consistent gravitation towards 3D digital fashion. 2018 in particular is dotted with pivotal exploratory collections such as CYBERPUNK OBSESSION, CELESTIAL TRAVELER, and SHAPESHIFTER. In each, Eugene discovers new approaches to his creation methods and sharpens his use of colors, textures, and lighting. Using an array of tools - Cinema 4D, Octane Render, Substance Designer/Painter, Zbrush, and Photoshop - Eugene also releases surreal new characters with robotic elements and futuristic fashion, the beginnings of his now recognizable style.

Since 2020, Eugene's art has been dominated by extraordinary character design and stunning color, shape, and texture combinations. BRIGHT VIBE is an explosion of opposing patterns, materials and shapes: polk-a-dots and leopard print, gold and glass, orbs and triangles. FUTURE FASHION IS NOW focuses on clothing design: complete ensembles of sweatshirts, pants, sneakers and accessories. Through what he calls “Storytelling through outfits”, Eugene also uses this collection to appeal for sustainability in the fashion industry and to highlight the possibilities and new rules of expression that digital fashion can offer.

Eugene’s most recent NFT art drop “COLLΞCTORS”, is a coming together of passion and skill achieved through his years of relentless creative explorations. Each artwork is exquisitely executed to portray a coherent portrait of the psyche of an NFT collector in the modern Web3 space. No element went unconsidered: the collectors' titles, personal mottos, fashion, and surrounding atmospheres were each brilliantly calculated by Eugene, captivating the viewer with both aesthetic beauty and psychological fantasy. WΞB3 QUΞΞN knows the value of every piece, OBSΞSSΞD is out to collect them all, PROSPΞCTOR will only buy rare gems, HODLΞR will always hold not matter what, and ART ΞNFORCΞR claims to win every bid. The only question now is, what COLLΞCTOR are you?

Eugene's talent for creating digital concepts, digital fashion, 3D objects, and surreal atmospheres has attracted the attention of global brands, leading him to collaborations with clients such as Apple, Adidas, Adobe, SpaceX, SEGA and Playstation. The artworks in this collection were created using mostly Marvelous Designer for creating/developing outfits, Cinema 4D as the main 3D compositing tool, Substance Painter for texturing things. Redshift + sometimes Unreal Engine for rendering images/videos and Photoshop for some post work.


What was your first childhood memory of being creative?

Definitely creating characters in Diablo 2 and World of Warcraft and other PC games when I was a kid. I really enjoyed creating new characters over and over again, without even playing the game, haha! This is where my first digital creations started.

What led you down the path of being an artist?
I'd say intuition. I've never had any education and other things that could even potentially lead me to this path. I was searching (until I was 25) what to do in this life and had only found short term solutions. But then digital art appeared on my radar - this is when everything clicked and stuck for a long time.

Who or what inspires you most?
Inspiration is a tricky term. There are 2 aspects that motivate me to create and evolve. First is my family. And the second thing is "the inner explorer". My wife, kids are grounding me to reality, showing the real side of life and its values, while the inner explorer goes deeply into my creative flow. Those 2 balance each other - creating one true inspiration in a way.

With the life experience you have now, what advice would you give yourself 10 years ago?
There are ups and downs. Just keep trusting yourself and be in balance with yourself. And don't forget to buy some bitcoins.

Why do you make art?
I've tried so many things in my life. Starting with acting, shooting films, scriptwriting comedy shows, art directing exhibitions, working as a QA in a tech company and answering angry customers' calls. But making art gave me true mind freedom and full control of my life, that's why I'm so grateful for art.

What tools did you use to make your drop on TokenEditions (e.g. software, computer, tablet, etc)?

I'm using mostly Marvelous Designer for creating/developing outfits, Cinema 4D as my main 3D compositing tool, Substance Painter for texturing things. Redshift + sometimes Unreal Engine for rendering images/videos and Photoshop for some post work.

Can you talk about your evolution as an artist and your journey into the NFT space?
I've been doing 3D for 6 years now. Shaping my own style and vision through 3D art. Starting with concept art for games and films I transitioned to surreal artworks for various musicians and some brands like SpaceX and Apple.

In 2020, I had a pleasure to work with Adidas on a new ad and it's where my digital fashion journey started. Currently working with a variety of brands and building my own biz around web3/digital fashion.

If you’ve released NFTs before, how has releasing your art as NFT’s changed your life (if at all)?
NFT helps my art to have value and meaning. They are no longer stacked meaninglessly on my hard drives!

Who are your favorite artists in the NFT space right now, and why?
Dexamol, Aeforia, Billelis, Blake Kathryn, Vini Naso…. and many many more. I'm happy to know these people and work with them on different occasions. They keep inspiring me on an everyday basis!