TokenEditions warmly welcomes 3D CGI illustrator Omar Aqil and a first selection of artworks from his series titled “Self-Portraits 2050”. Originally inspired by the art of Picasso, Omar modernizes the rules of cubism as he creates and combines 3D shapes and objects, then brings them to life with robot-like animation. 


Omar grew up in a familial environment where he was supported to follow his dreams. His father was a painter and professional textile designer, and Omar learned basic creative skills from him throughout his childhood. Omar began painting, and the skills he learned through this creative medium taught him patience to reach fine details and perfection within his work. In 2008, Omar earned a master’s degree in communication design from Punjab University College of Art & Design in Pakistan.

Omar Aqil Self-Portraits 01

Now residing in Lahore, Pakistan, Omar has been a creative professional for over 10 years, and freelancing on his own for the last 4 (since 2018). In 2017, he released one of his most popular series to date, the MIMIC series, where he somehow manages to Picasso, Picasso. In the MIMIC series, Omar reconstructed and infused new energy into 2D Picasso masterpieces by bringing them into the 3D world. To do so, he used some of his favorite tools like Cinema 4D, Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Overtime, Omar defined a signature style of textures, curvatures and fluidity that has made him recognizable on a global scale.

Omar Aqil inspired by Picasso

Each artwork in “Self-Portraits 2050” harnesses the depth of 3D and motion to create portraits out of organic and inorganic shapes, objects, textures and patterns and even emojis. Above all else, these artworks will make you smile. Omar himself tells us when thinking about the series, “don’t take it too seriously”, so it’s easy to see that Omar enjoyed making these portraits. And according to him, there will be more to come.

Channeling his unique style of art, Omar has created amazing illustrations and motion works for numerous commercial and global clients. He’s created lively lettering for Google, abstract car environments for Lamborghini & Cadillac, elevated shoe concepts for Nike, Adidas & Asics and he even collaborated with one of his favorite software suites, Adobe.